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Creating a Winning CTV Strategy: Defining FAST and AVOD KPIs

So far in our series, we’ve given streamers and publishers a deep dive into CTV distribution, monetization, and marketing. Measurement and KPIs should guide your team toward successfully achieving these objectives — and winning with your overall CTV strategy.

But first: What are KPIs, exactly? Unlike metrics, which measure progress for specific business activities, KPIs (key performance indicators) help you measure progress toward high-level business goals.

For FAST and AVOD streamers and publishers in the CTV space, what goals can the right KPIs support? To measure and optimize a CTV strategy, you need to understand the differences between measurement on linear and CTV, as well as the ideal KPIs for CTV distribution, monetization, and marketing. We’ll close out with insight into how Wurl equips you with straightforward, actionable CTV insights — for all of your business goals.

Linear TV vs. CTV measurement

Nielsen ratings for linear TV measurement can be useful temperature checks for viewership trends and can help you figure out if you’re getting your money’s worth for an ad spot – but they’re only one piece of the puzzle. As helpful as these ratings have been as a measurement tool in the past, there are limitations considering Nielsen only surveys a portion of linear television, where viewership is starting to wane.

CTV advertising solutions, on the other hand, can provide robust data. There’s the ability to harness powerful measurement capabilities because so much more information is available through internet-provided television, including viewer behavior, demographics, and more. CTV advertisers can work with third-party attribution providers, like mobile measurement partners (MMPs), to measure conversions and subsequent actions, which is key in effective performance marketing efforts. Pair the power of an MMP with in-depth insights from your FAST channel and you can really unlock key KPIs.

Now that you have a good sense of the differences between linear and CTV measurement, let’s dig into KPIs for your CTV strategy. KPIs are vastly different for AVOD / FAST channels versus SVOD services. For this reason, we will focus on FAST and AVOD channels for this article.

KPIs for distributing your content

AVOD and FAST channels are focused on monetizing more available ad impressions, growing viewer HOV (hours of viewing), and increasing the perceived value and CPM (Cost Per Thousand) of their inventory.

Defining KPIs will grant you the insight necessary to navigate CTV distribution challenges and get your content to high-value audiences. Here are some key performance indicators that you’ll definitely want to consider as you launch an effective campaign:

KPIs for monetizing your content

When it comes to monetization, FAST and AVOD streamers’ and publishers’ biggest goals include driving up ad inventory value by boosting their number of viewers, as well as increasing the perceived quality of viewers on a specified channel or streaming platform.

With that in mind, you’ll want to set and closely monitor KPIs like the below to gauge your CTV monetization:

KPIs for marketing your content

To achieve marketing goals, AVOD apps and FAST channels need to hit HOV and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) targets. Core KPIs to consider here are ones that provide an indication of discovery (are viewers tuning in to your content?) and attention (for those who have tuned in, are they sticking around to watch?).

Here are the core marketing KPIs that AVOD apps and FAST channels should define and monitor to navigate these questions and hit growth goals:

Wurl gives you straightforward CTV insights

There’s a lot (and this is an understatement) for you as a streamer or publisher to measure in terms of your CTV distribution, monetization, and marketing. And as helpful as it is to define and monitor these KPIs to understand your CTV strategy’s success, having solutions that mobilize CTV insights in an actionable way is even more impactful. 

Wurl’s core offerings give you the insights you need to uplevel your distribution, monetization, and marketing: 

Global FAST Pass (GFP) — one of the world’s largest FAST channel networks that supports publishers in building audiences quickly and monetizing their content — offers secure distribution and instant monetization all while delivering robust KPI and data insights on a simple, intuitive dashboard.

AdPool takes all the guesswork out of CTV monetization. AdPool helps connect your content to ideal advertisers and monetize every available ad impression on a global scale. With AdPool, you’ll raise your inventory fill rates and engagement — all with top-notch measurement and reporting on those monetization KPIs! 

ContentDiscovery lets you accurately track ROI performance to drive optimizations, increasing viewership and revenue for your streaming platform. The solution mobilizes AI technology to learn your content, connects content with the viewers who’ll love it, and equips you with the 24/7 personalized campaign measurement you need to keep up with your marketing KPIs. 

Now that you’re an expert on CTV KPIs for FAST and AVOD channels, you have a moment to catch your breath before we explore the same KPIs for SVOD and HVOD in our next blog… With our next blogs, we’ll cover everything you need to know about SVOD / HVOD KPIs, full funnel marketing, and performance marketing. Stay tuned! 

And for a deeper dive into distribution, monetization, and CTV as a performance marketing channel, check out our new report “How to Turn CTV into a Performance Marketing Channel for Growth.”

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