Wurl AdPool — Top-Tier Demand for Premium CTV Inventory

The World’s Largest Cross-Platform Advertising Service for Connected TV


Increase Yield and Fill with Additional Demand, at No Cost.

Wurl’s ability to aggregate, contextualize and deliver inventory at volume to demand sources means that publishers on Wurl’s network can benefit from significantly increased fill and demand-exposure without undermining the value of their own inventory and at no additional cost. With AdPool, advertisers deliver individually targeted TV ads into live TV channels and on-demand programming, distributed across the Wurl Network. Wurl manages the end-to-end operations of AdPool including ad ops, tech support and payments to video publishers.

AdPool Ecosystem

Basic AdPool Diagram Dots Version 2


• Free service available to any video producer or CTV platform connected to the Wurl Network


• Ability to retain publisher priority and pricing for direct deals and other demand sources


• Connections to new premium demand sources and guaranteed demand deals


• Increased fill rate


• Granular measurement and reporting

AdPool was a no-brainer for us. As a Wurl customer, AdPool is free and the Wurl team has made integration effortless.  We started generating incremental ad revenue on the first day we joined AdPool.

Andrew Eisbrouch

COO & General Counsel of Law & Crime Network

Wurl’s AdPool has dramatically improved our advertising yield. We’re using AdPool to fill a growing portion of our CTV inventory with targeted advertisements at higher prices.

Javier Saralegui

CEO and Founder of Danger TV

Product Information

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Maximize Fill Rates.