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AdPool boosts your ad yield by pairing your streaming inventory with differentiated demand.

How it works

The best way to maximize your fill rates and revenue

Relevant advertisements

Advertisers trust Wurl to find their ideal audiences through real-time contextual and performance-based targeting.

Value at scale

By standardizing metadata, Wurl enables advertisers to scale their ad spend on relevant and high-performing inventory.

Higher ad yield

As Wurl’s AI hones in on relevant audiences, advertiser ROAS metrics improve, and more demand is directed to your inventory.

AdPool unlocks incremental revenue streams

Increase your fill rates with innovative, AI-driven targeting solutions that complement, rather than compete with, your direct ad sales. Wurl’s advertising solutions are publisher-agnostic, specializing in advanced performance-based targeting.

Connect your supply with innovative solutions that deliver greater ad yield

Performance Targeting

Exclusive demand

Access the media budgets of app marketers and gaming brands using AppLovin’s AppDiscovery.


annual ad spend


AI-Enriched metadata

Translate content signals into targetable contextual segments for advertisers


no cost or effort

Maximize your ad yield

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Maximize your ad yield