Just announced: ContentDiscovery brings performance marketing to CTV


On-Demand Webinar: The State of FAST


The State of FAST: Challenges and Opportunities that Lie Ahead In this webinar, Dave Bernath, VP Sales & Partnerships at […]

Addressing Streaming’s Top Challenge: Discoverability


The streaming industry is on the rise. Well-established media providers and digital-first content studios agree streaming premium video is the […]

Meet ContentDiscovery: Your Solution to Attract, Engage, and Retain Viewers at Massive Scale


With the world’s TV viewing moving to streaming, the growth opportunity for streamers and content publishers has never been greater. […]

Discoverability, Demand, and Data: Key Takeaways from Digital TV Europe’s Industry Survey


Free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) is on the rise. Established streamers and content publishers are entering the FAST space in […]

Best Practices to Improve the FAST Viewer Experience


Advanced GraphicsLive OperationsScheduling Service As a child of the ’80s I was a huge fan of side ponytails, Bubble Tape, […]

Candlelight Media Group Achieves 4.5x Increase in HOV with Global FAST Pass


The Problem Candlelight Media Group, home to wholesome entertainment channels SparkTV as well as  Sparkle Movies in the United Kingdom, […]

CTV Market Predictions for 2023: Past the Tipping Point into Full Market Acceptance


After a breakthrough year in the ad-supported streaming business, Wurl’s leadership team shares their thoughts on what lies ahead. 2023 […]

No More Ad Holes Blog: Ad Hole Karma


“If you see an ad hole in the morning, you saw an ad hole. If you encounter ad holes all […]

No More Blog Holes Blog 7: The Trouble with Beacons


The measurement of ad views, or impressions, makes use of something called “beacons.” These are notifications (just URLs containing lots […]

It’s Official: We’re Still Awesome.


Wurl is proud to announce that, for the second year running, we’re officially a Great Place To Work-Certified™ company.  This […]

Wurl Teams Up With iHeartMedia To Help Deliver FAST Channels In The U.S.


Wurl has teamed up with iHeartMedia to help deliver and facilitate monetization for a lineup of iHeartRadio FAST music channels […]

No More Ad Holes Blog 6: Zombies! (Really!)


If you step out of your house and run into a hoard of zombies, you’re having a bad day. The […]

Wurl Partners with Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud to Distribute LOL! Networks


Wurl has partnered with Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Productions to provide distribution and monetization services for LOL! Network channels […]

Wurl enters into a definitive agreement to be acquired by AppLovin


Wurl Inc. is proud to announce that we signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by AppLovin, a leading marketing […]

No More Ad Holes Blog 5: Timeouts


(Nam Ly is contributing author for this post.) The more things change, the more they stay the same.  “If you […]

Black Friday’s Effect On TV Viewing & Buying


Hello my fellow data enthusiasts and welcome to the latest Wurl of Data blog. Today, I’m going to investigate FAST […]

No More Ad Holes Blog 4: When the Ad Holes are Your Own Darn Fault


Victim blaming is really not nice.  Don’t ever do that.  Except in this case.  Because, it can happen that ad […]

The Profound Impact of Churn and Wurl’s Revolutionary New Solution


In the cable TV industry, ‘churn’ is that deadly term that means you’re losing subscribers. And in the over-the-top (OTT) […]

No More Ad Holes Blog 3: It’s Not All Bad News – Some Ad Holes Aren’t Real!


Focusing on problems all the time is a downer. So it’s good to know that, sometimes, things that look bad […]

A Wurl (Wind) of Data: Hurricane Ida and its Influence on FAST


A few weeks back, Hurricane Ida hit the Gulf Coast all the way to the northeast of the United States. […]

No More Ad Holes Blog 2: Changing Ad ID and Ad Transcoding Issues


“The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion […]

TV is changing FAST in Latin America. Are you ready?


English Español In our first ever Stream of Consciousness blog post, Director of Business Development, Latin America, Joe Fregoso discusses […]

[En Español] La televisión está cambiando rápidamente (FAST) en América Latina.


English Español En nuestra primera publicación en el blog Stream Of Consciousness, el Director de Desarrollo de Negocios de América […]

A Wurl of Data: Are People Trying New Things? A FAST Viewing Perspective


Let’s take a not-so-imaginary scenario: You buy a new smart TV, plug it in, turn it on and discover you […]

Great Place to Work Certified: Our Culture Brought Us Here


Wurl Inc is proud to announce that we’re  officially a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company. This achievement underscores Wurl’s continued […]

No More Ad Holes Blog 1: Bad VAST Response


Friendly advice: If this is your first time here, our introductory post is the best place to start and get […]

No More Ad Holes Introduction: What this blog is about


Imagine you’re a video asset, brought into the world by your content creator to be widely distributed and monetized in […]

Study Confirms CTV’s Growing Influence in the Video Industry


A recent study from Leichtman Research confirms what we at Wurl have already been witnessing – connected TVs are becoming […]

A Wurl of Data: Let Us Introduce Ourselves


Welcome to A Wurl of Data! In this recurring blog series, Wurl’s Data Science team will deep dive into the […]

Welcome to Wurl’s New Look and Feel


Today, we’re reimagining Wurl. We’ve built a new website, crafted a new logo and created a more contemporary and sophisticated […]

Why Remote Work is Here to Stay


Much like a pebble disrupting a pond, the 2020 pandemic has and will continue to have lasting effects. One of […]