QUESTION: What platforms (streaming apps) can Wurl give me access to? How many platforms (streamers) does Wurl reach?
ANSWER: Wurl currently delivers to 75 top streaming apps. We are adding new Streamers every quarter, as new Streamers come to market and are requested by our content partners.

QUESTION: What streaming apps should I deliver my content to?
ANSWER: The Wurl team will work with you to help you decide the best platforms (Streamers) for your specific content. We can also make introductions for you to these streamers. You will have access to the most successful platforms (Streamers) available today worldwide.

QUESTION: How much content do I need?
ANSWER: The requirement for content quantities varies from platform (streamer) to platform (streamer). In general, a content creator can get started with 200 hours of content, with a commitment to refresh 25% per month. However, the more content you have available for your FAST channel, the better, as that will keep your viewers interested and watching.

QUESTION: Can Wurl help on a global basis?
ANSWER: Absolutely! Wurl is a global leader in CTV, delivering and monetizing content in the US, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan…and we are constantly adding new territories.

QUESTION: What level of technical support does Wurl offer?
ANSWER: Wurl provides 24/7 on-call customer support for all areas of Wurl services. Our support team is on call to ensure your channel is working at 100% and answer any questions.

QUESTION: Will Wurl help with onboarding and training?
ANSWER: Each Content Company that works with Wurl goes through a very structured Onboarding process that includes a dedicated onboarding manager for training and to assist through the whole process.

QUESTION: How do I get my content into Wurl’s system?
ANSWER: Please see our integration guides located on the Wurl Support Site for more information about accepting content and channels.

QUESTION: How do I schedule my content / create a channel? Can Wurl help with this?
ANSWER: With Wurl, you get access to the Wurl Scheduler, giving you complete control over your channel schedule, placement of ads, metadata, and all other attributes of your channel. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more turnkey, Wurl’s Scheduling Team is here to help you with Scheduling and Channel Management.

QUESTION: How does Wurl’s pricing work?
ANSWER: Wurl doesn’t charge the content creator any setup fees. Wurl charges no fees at all until your first channel launches. In addition, with Wurl, there are no hidden fees. Wurl’s pricing model is designed to allow content company channels to grow and be successful. The more successful your channels are, the more successful Wurl is.

QUESTION: Does Wurl also support video-on-demand (VOD) distribution?
ANSWER: Yes! Wurl’s Scheduler allows you to curate VOD lineups to deliver along with your linear channel to popular services like Samsung TV+.

QUESTION: How long does it take to launch a channel?
ANSWER: It takes an average of 4-6 weeks for a Content Company to be prepared to submit their channel to a Streaming app for testing and launch, but this can also happen much faster, depending on your readiness.

QUESTION: What kind of performance can I expect?
ANSWER: Performance is different for every content company and depends on the content genre, programming, territory, and platform (Streamer). Our hands-on Business Development team can help you make the best decisions for your content.

QUESTION: What is the average CPM in the US versus Europe?
ANSWER: CPMs vary significantly from territory to territory. Wurl will give you specific ranges when we meet with you for the territories of your interest.

QUESTION: Is Wurl an Ad Server?
ANSWER: Wurl’s advertising service is not an Ad Server but instead meant to work in conjunction with your own Ad Server to monetize your channel. Wurl’s advertising service is already integrated with many industry-leading Ad Servers like SpringServe, SpotX, Google Ad Manager, Freewheel, and more.

QUESTION: Can Wurl help get my show/movie on TV?
ANSWER: Wurl doesn’t license or produce content.

QUESTION: Is Wurl an App?
ANSWER: No, Wurl is not a consumer-facing app but a cloud technology company providing services to Content Companies and Streamers.

QUESTION: Can Wurl help me distribute my content?
ANSWER: Wurl’s Syndication services help make your channel available on any of the streaming platforms you are interested in. Alternatively, for those looking to complete deals directly with each Streamer, our network and relationships with each Streaming partner enable you to get access to each platform quickly. Wurl is your partner, helping you navigate the web of distribution and monetization.

QUESTION: Does Wurl deliver to vMVPDs?
ANSWER: Yes! We can deliver your channel to vMVPDs like Sling.

QUESTION: Can Wurl help get my show/movie on TV?
ANSWER: Wurl doesn’t license or produce content.

Streaming Apps

QUESTION: Does Wurl offer a bundle of channels I can add to my Streaming App?
ANSWER: The Wurl Network includes 100’s of channels (and growing!) and through our Syndication service, our teams can help quickly arrange to make those channels available on your streaming app.

QUESTION: How do I integrate with Wurl to get channels on my Streaming App?
ANSWER: The Wurl API is the simplest method to bring on any channel available on the Wurl Network along with its associated metadata and VOD. Please see the documentation available on the Wurl Support Site for more information on how to work with the Wurl API.

QUESTION: Can Wurl provide Video-On-Demand (VOD) content in addition to linear?
ANSWER: Yes! Many of our Content Partners provide VOD (in addition to Linear) through Wurl.

QUESTION: Are there any changes I need to make to my app to work with Wurl?
ANSWER: Wurl is entirely cloud-based and device agnostic. We do not require any client-side code to get channels from Wurl.


QUESTION: Does Wurl offer services to help build channels?
ANSWER: Yes! If you’re looking to offload either Scheduler or entire channel curation of your channel(s) Wurl offers Channel Curation Services for big and small Content Companies in two different tiers depending on your needs.

QUESTION: How does Wurl ensure my channel is operational 24/7?
ANSWER: Wurl has automated monitoring systems throughout our entire infrastructure. If anything goes wrong with your channel, we know immediately and our teams are alerted regardless of time of day. Combined with our 24/7 Support team, Wurl delivers the highest level of service possible for channel distribution and monetization.

QUESTION: What does it take to launch a channel with Wurl?
ANSWER: Not much! Wurl has made the process of launching your channel across all Streaming Apps as simple and streamlined as possible. All you need to do is bring your content and be ready to provide all necessary elements (Artwork, Content, VAST Tags, Ad Slates, etc.) for your launch and you’ll be live to viewers in no time.


QUESTION: Is Wurl an Ad Server?
ANSWER: Wurl’s advertising service is not an Ad Server but instead meant to work in conjunction with your own Ad Server to monetize your channel. Wurl’s advertising service is already integrated with many industry-leading Ad Servers like SpringServe, SpotX, Google Ad Manager, Freewheel, and more.

QUESTION: What is a VAST Tag and how do I get one?
ANSWER: A VAST tag is a URL that publishers share with Wurl, allowing Wurl to make requests for ads from demand (ad) sources working with the publisher. When publishers control an inventory split on their channel, Wurl needs a VAST Tag in order to fulfill ad requests made on your channel. Wurl expects the publisher to aggregate all of their demand sources on an Ad Server, which can then be called using a single VAST URL to get demand from those sources. Publishers who need advertising can use Wurl AdPool, their own in-house ad sales management team, or third-party service.

QUESTION: What is an inventory split and how is it different from a Revshare?
ANSWER: An inventory split or a revenue share (Revshare) are two typical deal structures when arranging for your channel to be carried on a given platform. An inventory split is when each party splits the actual ad breaks (inventory), each filling what they can with their own advertising demand sources, and keeping all of the revenue from those ads for themselves. A Revenue Share is when one party (either the Streamer or Publisher) controls all of the inventory, fills as much as they can fill, and splits the resulting revenue with the other party according to a pre-arranged split.

QUESTION: Can Wurl sell all of my ad inventory?
ANSWER: Wurl does offer monetization for channels through Wurl AdPool. Wurl AdPool is a FREE monetization service that connects your premium CTV inventory with top-tier demand to fill on inventory that has not been filled by your waterfall.

QUESTION: How is Wurl’s ad insertion different from other Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solutions?
ANSWER: Using a combination of unique technology and proprietary expertise, Wurl’s advertising service is able to deliver the best monetization rates across all platforms and services.

Wurl Global Data Services

QUESTION: What reporting capabilities do you provide?
ANSWER: Wurl Global Data Services are available to all Wurl customers providing access to detailed, granular reporting about Content Viewership and Advertising including statistics like Hours of Viewing (by channel, content, or asset), Inventory, Sessions, Session Duration, Impressions, FIll Rate, and much more.

QUESTION: Can I see the number of “views” on each piece of content?
ANSWER: For linear content, episode-level and asset-level data for hours of viewing, sessions, and completions are available via the Wurl Global Portal dashboard. VOD content is not broken down by individual pieces of content.

QUESTION: Can I see data at a per content level for licensing reporting?
ANSWER: The Wurl Global Portal dashboard has views tailored to reporting for licensing agreements including Hours of Viewing by Episode, Unique Viewers by Episode and others.

QUESTION: Can I get access to my data outside of the dashboard in a programmatic way?
ANSWER: Wurl provides an email based report, delivered daily, including just the data you want in an ingestible format for internal BI systems.

QUESTION: Can I see data at a geographic level?
ANSWER: For the USA, the proportion of unique viewers is broken down by DMA (designated marketing area) monthly. This feature is not currently available for non-US data.

QUESTION: How recent is the data?
ANSWER: Data is updated daily containing data from the previous day.

QUESTION: What kind of training and support is offered for the Wurl Global Portal?
ANSWER: Wurl hosts an on-boarding introduction to Wurl Global Portal for all new customers. Ongoing support is available via the Wurl Support Site.

Wurl Perform

QUESTION: What is Wurl Perform?
ANSWER: Perform is a machine learning-powered performance marketing service that enables streaming TV apps (FAST Channels, AVODs, SVODs) to acquire new viewers and reduce churn. Streamers use Perform to run promotional campaigns on Connected TV. With Perform every campaign impression and conversion is measured allowing streamers to track their return on ad spend (ROAS).

QUESTION: Why is this important for streamers today?
ANSWER: The streaming market has become crowded with SVOD and AVOD apps struggling to grow and maintain their subscriber bases. There’s a lot of competition for eyeballs and streamers are spending billions on marketing to reach viewers and decrease churn. Wurl Perform is a tool that helps streamers use precise targeting to reach consumers who are likely to become loyal viewers.

QUESTION: Is this a new concept or is anyone else offering a service like this?
ANSWER: Performance marketing has been around for a long time – Google’s ad business dominates performance marketing for the web. But no one has offered performance marketing on CTV – until now.

QUESTION: Is this tool better for bigger, more recognizable brands, or is it helpful for smaller brands too?
ANSWER: Perform works equally well for streamers with millions of subscribers and a $100 million marketing budget or small streamers with a $10,000 budget. With Perform, streamers of any size can decide their budget and campaign goals.

QUESTION: Does Wurl help customers with their creative and build their campaigns?
ANSWER: Wurl is not a creative content studio. We provide our customers with services to target and convert viewers. We provide a dashboard with detailed campaign reporting. We provide support and guidance to help our customers run the most effective campaigns for viewer acquisition, retention, and churn reduction.

QUESTION: For Perform to operate, do viewers have to agree to allow their data to be collected?
ANSWER: Yes. Wurl is SOC 2 compliant and respects global privacy frameworks like CCPA and GDPR. Apps running on connected TVs are responsible for managing privacy controls that Perform is subject to.

QUESTION: Is Wurl Perform available outside the US?
ANSWER: Not yet, but it will soon be available everywhere.

QUESTION: What were the results of the Perform beta test?
ANSWER: Total app viewing time increased by about 8%. The variety of content viewed almost doubled. Return on ad spend was 4-10x.

QUESTION: How much does it cost to run a Perform campaign?
ANSWER: Perform customers decide what their budget will be for each Perform campaign. A member of the Perform sales team will help each customer forecast a target return on ad spend (ROAS) based on the size of their campaign budget. For each campaign, the Perform sales team will quote a CPM rate for the targeted promo ad buys. Total ad buys will not exceed the Perform customer’s budget.

QUESTION: Can Wurl customers use Perform for their FAST channels?
ANSWER: Yes, just like streamers, Wurl customers can run Perform campaigns for their own FAST channel. In addition to running Perform paid campaigns, on some FAST channel apps (including Samsung TV+ US) we offer a program where any Wurl-powered FAST channel has the option to run Perform campaigns for free.

QUESTION: How do Wurl customers participate in the free version of Perform?
ANSWER: On certain FAST channel apps, Wurl customers can use Perform for free. This is one of the unique benefits of being a Wurl customer. Here’s how it works:

Wurl FAST channels can trade their unused ad inventory with other FAST channels for the placement of promos. This service operates as a pooled exchange in which FAST channels earn a Perform credit for each third-party promo shown on their own channel. The Perform credits are exchanged for unused ad inventory on other FAST channels for the placement of promos.

To avoid showing promos from competing channels, only promos from channels with a different genre are shown on any given channel. Promos are added at the bottom of the ad server waterfall to ensure they never displace paying demand. Thus, participation in the Perform inventory exchange will not cause a drop in yield.