Customer Success: Scripps boosts ROAS for their FAST channels

Attract, engage, and retain viewers at a massive scale

ContentDiscovery grows audiences, increases engagement, and reduces churn for streaming platforms and apps.

How it works

The most innovative tool to grow CTV viewership

Target the right viewers

Connect your content to the right viewers across CTV, mobile, and desktop with machine learning.

Keep viewers engaged

Target promos individually across CTV, mobile, and desktop to keep viewers watching your content.

Set, measure, and meet goals

Define campaign goals, measure ROI, and know when to pivot for every promotional impression.

ContentDiscovery is the only machine learning solution for CTV performance marketing.

Use machine learning to target relevant audiences across devices who will download your app, tune in to your shows, and subscribe.

The proof is in the results

Channels experience unprecedented outcomes with ContentDiscovery.

Up to 200%

ROAS on ad-supported streaming apps

$18 CPP

On subscription-based streaming apps

Wurl helps acquire, engage, and retain viewers

Trackable ROI

Select your target campaign metrics and monitor with robust measurement tools.


Acquire viewers and attribute conversions across CTV, mobile, and desktop devices.

Creative impact

Test specific creative concepts and measure their impact with CPA reporting.

Rapid launch

Get started quickly with even minimal budgets using our straightforward dashboard and setup process.

Flexible attribution

Measure conversion across devices using Adjust,, or your preferred measurement partner.

24/7 global support

Optimize campaigns every step of the way with the support of our expert managed services team.

“ContentDiscovery has been true to its name: We experienced almost immediate payback on our investment.”

Sara Sinclair

VP of Operations


Grow viewership faster and smarter