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Creating a Winning CTV Strategy: Marketing Your Content — Part 2

In the first part of our segment on marketing, I talked about how the crowded streaming market, rising viewer churn, and “the elusive viewer” make it difficult for streamers and publishers to grow their audiences, maximize ROAS, and expand their monetization. Before I share CTV marketing best practices in this blog, you should feel free to “press pause” here and go back to Part 1 if you haven’t had the chance to check it out!

Now that you’re back, it’s time to walk through some of the most important steps you need to take for a successful marketing campaign. These steps include defining your campaign goals, designing and launching your creative, and measuring your campaign effectiveness. We’ll end this blog on Wurl’s revolutionary solution that streamers and publishers can leverage for their CTV marketing: ContentDiscovery

Define your campaign goals

The streamers and publishers who have been following our blog series already know how to define their audience and distribute their content. They also know the decision process to monetize their content. The next big step for streamers and publishers is marketing their content. 

Marketing is crucial for streamers and publishers in two ways: 

Your monetization is only going to be as good as your marketing.
Growing both ad dollars and subscriber dollars depends on your ability to grow your audience.

Here are some goals that streamers and publishers might set for their CTV marketing campaigns:

Two important factors to consider when you set these goals:

  1. You can use different key performance indicators (KPIs) to track all of these goals. (We’ll cover KPIs when we touch on campaign measurement below.)
  2. Goals differ depending on whether you’re an SVOD, AVOD, or FAST channel. SVODs need to prioritize acquiring new subscribers at the lowest possible cost over Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), while AVOD and FAST channels need to focus on Hours of Viewing (HOV) and ROAS. 

Design and launch your creative

You’ve established your CTV marketing campaign goals and set a budget. However, it’s simply not possible to achieve any of your campaign goals if you don’t have the right creative. Let’s dig into some of the different formats your CTV marketing can take and lay out best practices for designing your creative.

Experiment with formats 

CTV marketing is all about trial and error. The fluidity of the process allows for dynamic messaging and creative approaches. Start with multiple ads in different formats so you can find the ad types that win you the most attention and achieve your goals most effectively. In addition to trying different formats, you can also vary design, messaging, and duration. 

Some formats to consider: 

Best practices for CTV marketing creative

Once your creative checks these boxes, your campaign is ready to launch! But now, you’ll need to begin measuring your campaign’s performance so you can make informed adjustments on the fly. 

Measure your campaign (and pivot)

Now the real fun starts! Following the launch of your campaign, you need to measure and analyze it with an eye fixed on your original goals. What makes CTV campaigns an incredible marketing tool is that they’re much easier to measure than traditional TV campaigns. 

Let’s lay out the KPIs that give your channel the greatest insight into how your campaigns are performing with the target goals mentioned earlier. (For a deeper dive into KPIs and campaign measurement, stay tuned for our next blog post where I’ll unpack CTV analytics.) 

Top-of-mind KPIs for SVOD channels


Cost Per Install


Cost Per (Free) Trial


Cost Per Purchase (Subscription)

Priority KPIs for AVOD and FAST channels 


Cost Per Action


Hours of Viewing


Return On Ad Spend

By tracking the KPIs relevant to your publisher model, you’ll be able to optimize your campaign for high-performance ads and know which adjustments you need to make, based on data analytics captured during and following your campaign. (In our final blog entry for this series, we’ll walk through the core tenets behind viewer nurturing and retention.) 

Wurl is a one-stop shop for CTV marketing

While it may be easy to define the goals for your CTV marketing campaign, designing quality creative and measuring its impact can be complex and difficult. Enter ContentDiscovery!

ContentDiscovery mobilizes AI technology to:

ContentDiscovery also gives you access to SparkLabs, AppLovin’s in-house creative team, who will create customized ads for you. With their unmatched CTV creative design expertise, SparkLabs utilizes the latest technological advancements (including AI) to deliver novel, top-quality ads that will boost your campaign’s performance. 

ContentDiscovery enables streamers and publishers to not only clear the three hurdles I detailed in our last blog, but also target effectively, scale profitably, optimize CTAs, get advice and partnership, and verify and measure all results

With quality creative and insights from these KPIs, you’ll be able to turn your CTV marketing spend into a revenue center (not a cost driver). Stay tuned!

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