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Scripps Boosts ROAS for Their FAST Channels Using ContentDiscovery

Scripps leveraged ContentDiscovery to accurately target the right audiences and increase their high-value viewership for their FAST channels. ContentDiscovery’s ability to directly measure and report on performance enabled Scripps to be confident — not just hopeful — that their campaigns were generating strong ROAS.


I’m Tim Langlitz, director of audience development for the E. W. Scripps Company. A primary challenge at Scripps with our connected TV advertising is to really understand the cost acquisition. How much will we invest in paid media does it cost us to get a viewer? And then what does that viewer generate for us in advertising revenue over time?

When we find solutions that can solve that problem that makes it a very easy decision to make an investment and acquisition in one place versus the hundreds of other places that may be available to us.

We see a big edge from ContentDiscovery in the transparency. The transparency of understanding what we’re buying, understanding the audience that we’re driving, and making sure that we have confidence that those are the viewers that we’re looking to get. And what ContentDiscovery lets me do is be very targeted in the audience that I’m getting. And really understanding the value of those individual segments as they relate back to our business.

Over time, we’ve used the platform in a number of different ways. And what we found is in our particular business, because our content spreads across sports and news and entertainment, that we find varying levels of success. And so what we’ve done is used the data and transparency that we receive from campaigns to really move the needle and move the money into places where we find it is most aligned with our individual KPIs and needs.

We have more confidence that what we’re spending is generating a return, whereas being hopeful that what we’re spending is generating the return from larger macro numbers.

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