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A+E Networks’ ContentDiscovery Campaigns See Strong Returns

A+E Networks leveraged ContentDiscovery’s highly accurate AI-powered targeting to cut their cost per subscriber in half for their SVOD app, Lifetime Movie Club. Rich data on campaign performance and audiences gave their team the insights needed to optimize their user acquisition strategy in real time.


My name is Dana Ortiz. I am the VP of platform marketing and emerging brands, and I work at A+E Networks.

What I was really impressed with was the responsiveness of the Wurl sales team, the flexibility and the nimble nature of how we were able to put the money into market. We weren’t able to just put it into the marketplace, but we were also able to respond to the efficiencies in real time, put a little bit more money back into the plan and see even more success throughout the campaign.

The biggest edge that ContentDiscovery gives me as a marketer is data. Data in real time, data around performance, data around our audience, just plain data.

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