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Wurl Teams Up With iHeartMedia To Help Deliver FAST Channels In The U.S.

Tyler Champley - March 25th 2022

Wurl has teamed up with iHeartMedia to help deliver and facilitate monetization for a lineup of iHeartRadio FAST music channels on XUMO in the United States.  Users can now tune to XUMO’s live channel guide to find five genre-based iHeartRadio channels including iHeartCountry, iHeart90s, iHeart Alternative Radio, iHeartRadio The Beat, and iHeartRadio Latino Hits.

This marks iHeartRadio’s second AVOD platform launch of ad-supported music channels. The audio and streaming music service also has eight Wurl-powered FAST channels on The Roku Channel, which was the first-ever launch of linear audio channels from a major music service on an AVOD platform. As with The Roku Channel, iHeart’s ad-supported channels on XUMO feature imagery to complement and enhance the audio experience.

 “Music is an integral part of any entertainment package, and iHeartMedia is a powerhouse in this field for the U.S.,” said Craig Heiting, SVP Worldwide Sales at Wurl.  “iHeart is a significant addition to FAST channel offerings and Wurl is very excited to help expand their distribution footprint, drive new audiences to their audio content and build new paths to monetization.”