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Welcome to Wurl’s New Look and Feel

Today, we’re reimagining Wurl. We’ve built a new website, crafted a new logo and created a more contemporary and sophisticated look and feel. Wurl has evolved tremendously since its launch four years ago, and now our brand reflects where the company stands in today’s market.  

Since Wurl opened for business in the fall of 2017, our goal has been to become the world leader in powering CTV, and we did just that. The fastest-growing CTV network in the past 12 months, Wurl reaches over 250 million connected TVs around the globe. Wurl interconnects over 1,200 channels from top content companies with leading streamers in more than 40 countries….and the company has nearly doubled in size over the past six months. 

Wurl’s growth is largely due to the growth of  CTV viewing and the strength of the free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) model. Experts predict that CTV advertising growth will accelerate this year as spending reaches $13.41 billion – a figure that is projected to more than double by 2025. Additionally, with the shift in media distribution to FAST and advertising-based video on demand (AVOD), the future of television points to streaming. Wurl is perfectly positioned to sit at the crossroads of this growth, helping customers achieve their business goals every step of the way. 

“The strategy behind our brand refresh is simply to showcase what Wurl really is – the world leader in powering streaming TV, that’s offering incredible value to its customers on all sides. With our new look and feel, people will be able to quickly identify us, no confusion,” said Jennifer Cardenas, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications. “Our new look is corporate, yet bold, and makes Wurl feel like the entertainment company it is.” 

As Wurl continues its exponential growth, we remain committed to the Content Companies and Streamers we are proud to call our customers. To coincide with our new look, we’ve updated our Support site. New look, but the functionality remains the same. We’re also adding new employees dedicated to support, including expanding our Technical Account Management and Customer Support teams. Now we’re better equipped than ever to help guide customers through every step of working with us. 

Wurl has come a long way in just four years, but our success is largely due to the loyalty of our customers. No matter what the future holds for Wurl, putting our customers first will always be central to our brand and business.

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