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Study Confirms CTV’s Growing Influence in the Video Industry

A recent study from Leichtman Research confirms what we at Wurl have already been witnessing – connected TVs are becoming an increasingly important part of the video industry. As many as 82% of US TV households have at least one internet-connected TV device, and that includes connected smart TVs; stand-alone streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick or set-top box, Chromecast or Apple TV; connected video game systems; and/or Blu-ray players.

According to the study, 39% of adults in the US watch video daily on a TV via a connected device. On a weekly basis, 60% of adults watched TV via a connected TV device. Among those 18-34, 54% watched video on a TV via a connected device daily compared to 43% of those 35-54 and 22% of those over 55. The study also found that 43% of all TV sets in US households are connected smart TVs – an increase from 32% in 2019, 19% in 2016 and 7% in 2014.

Check out the full report.

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