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Wurl Reaches 100 Million Connected TVs, Delivers 1.2 Billion Targeted Ads in First Full Year Since Launch

Fourth-quarter key metrics up across the board; revenue triples from Q4 2018 to Q4 2019 

PALO ALTO, Calif. – March 12, 2020 – Wurl, the leading provider of streaming video distribution and advertising services for connected TV (CTV), announced today that it expanded its network to reach 100 million CTVs in nine countries in its first full year of operations. Additionally, Wurl delivered more than 225 million hours of programming and more than 1.2 billion personally targeted ads. 

Over the past 12 months, Wurl launched more than 180 streaming channels on the Wurl Network, which brings together the world’s top video producers, video services and advertisers, enabling video producers to build global distribution for ad-supported linear channels, live events, video-on-demand and marathons.

The year-end results revealed some key trends: 

  • Ad Impressions: Grew more than 15x from Q4 2018 to Q4 2019. 
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU): A key value growth metric, ARPU rose 75% from Q4 2018 to Q4 2019. 
  • Revenue: Wurl revenue tripled over the course of FY 2019.

From Q3 to Q4 2019, Wurl saw double digit growth in these key areas:

  • The number of channels on the Wurl Network grew 41%.
  • Ad impressions increased 45%.

“Our growth has exceeded our own expectations,” said Sean Doherty, Wurl CEO. “Our business model is built on key areas of expansion: adding more video producers to our network, launching more streaming channels, increasing viewers per channel and increasing the advertising fill rate. With streaming adoption accelerating all over the world, Wurl’s strategy as a global enabler is driving exponential growth for our company and solidifying our position as the global leader in CTV services.”

As audiences increasingly embrace streaming video, the CTV market is growing along with it. According to eMarketer, the number of CTV users in the U.S. alone will exceed 204 million in 2022. Wurl is dedicated to empowering all players in the CTV distribution and advertising ecosystem to capitalize on the opportunities that come with this growth.

For more information about Wurl, please visit www.wurl.com or follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Wurl
Wurl, the leading provider of streaming video distribution and advertising services for connected TV (CTV), operates the market-leading Wurl Network — interconnecting the world’s top video producers with the world’s biggest video services. Wurl makes it effortless for video producers to build and track global distribution for branded linear channels, live events and on-demand programming, and to manage and monetize their ad inventory. Wurl is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit wurl.com.

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