The Alt Channel

We’re launching the world’s first Internet cable network.
The ALT Channel.

Everything’s on.

Watch the Video.

Amazing programming from the world’s top online studios.

Comedy, music, sports, news, kids, YouTubers, documentary.
Direct and unfiltered from online creators.

We’re redefining the TV channel

ALT is an Internet Cable Channel combining cable TV distribution, effortless discovery and everything on-demand.

Cable TV integrated

Viewers discover ALT programming in cable TV guides–right alongside traditional cable channels.

TV on your schedule

On ALT, primetime is whenever you want it to be. Watch any show on-demand at any time.

Dive deep

On ALT, every show is a destination. Watch previous episodes, clips, trailers, behind the scenes–all without leaving the channel.

On traditional channels, there’s only one show “on” at a time. On the ALT Channel, everything’s on.

ALT viewers can watch our scheduled programming or any of the 1000s of shows in our catalog.