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Wurl Announces Global FAST Pass: A Global Onramp for FAST Channels

PALO ALTO, Calif. – October 20, 2021 – Wurl,  the world leader in powering streaming TV, has announced the launch of Global FAST Pass, a global onramp for FAST channels to rapidly build worldwide distribution and loyal audiences on hundreds of millions of Connected TVs in over 50 countries.

Global FAST Pass is a complete solution for content companies to create, manage, distribute and monetize their programming. It’s a single onramp that delivers content to all the world’s top CTV streamers. Content companies create the content and negotiate distribution, and Wurl manages the myriad complicated, highly technical challenges facing FAST channel success. With Wurl Global FAST Pass, any content company can launch a FAST channel, and any authorized viewer can access their programming with any streamer, on any device, in any country.

“By integrating with Streamers on a global basis, Wurl has created a superhighway for FAST channels,” said Sean Doherty, Jr., COO, Wurl. “Global FAST Pass provides the lowest possible barrier to entry–technically, operationally and commercially–thanks to end-to-end connectivity, monetization, security and reporting. With Global FAST Pass, our customers are building their FAST businesses at Internet speed. And together, Wurl and our partners are laying the foundation of what will become the Internet of TV.”

The Global FAST Pass service consists of two key elements:

  1. Wurl Global Channel Management (channel creation + management)
  2. Wurl Global Distribution (streaming, ad insertion, measurement, etc.)

Global FAST Pass also includes a new, simple pricing structure wherein content companies pay for usage and there are no other fixed fees.

“At Wurl, we are constantly innovating to create better, smarter and more efficient ways to deliver content to consumers,” said Doherty Jr. “Our goal is to minimize the bottom-line costs associated with launching a streaming service, making it easier and faster for our customers to get on with the business of monetizing their content.”

About Wurl

Wurl, the world leader in powering streaming TV, interconnects over 1200 streaming channels from the world’s top content companies with the leading streaming distribution services in over 50 countries. The Wurl Network platform helps leading studios such as A+E Networks, AMC Networks, Bloomberg, BBC Studios, CNN, Reuters and Sony, deliver programming to the biggest streaming platforms, including Amazon IMDb TV, Roku, Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten, Twitch, and VIZIO, while maximizing monetization. Reaching over 300 million connected TVs around the globe, Wurl makes it effortless for content companies to build and track global distribution for branded linear channels, live events, and on-demand programming to manage and monetize their ad inventory. The company also recently announced its new performance marketing service, Wurl Perform, which is designed to reduce churn, acquire new viewers and increase return on ad spend. Wurl is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

For more information about Wurl, please visit or follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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