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More Video Publishers Join Wurl’s Free Advertising Marketplace, the Largest Cross-Platform Service of its Kind

AdPool increases yield and fill rates at no additional cost for Wurl Network partners

Palo Alto, Calif. – June 10, 2020 – Wurl, the leading provider of streaming video distribution and advertising services for connected TV (CTV), today announced that it has added 30 new AdPool customers since late 2019. In that time, AdPool has increased fill rates for users by as much as 50%.

AdPool, the world’s largest cross-platform advertising service for CTV, enables video producers to sell and backfill their CTV ad inventory to thousands of advertisers, ranging from global brands to local businesses. 

AdPool customers range from global media and entertainment companies to national news network Newsy, and popular, interest-based networks such as Arcade Cloud, Hollywire, Law & Crime Network, Outside TV and many others. ArcadeCloud and Law & Crime Network, two of the early adopters of AdPool, spoke out about the positive results they have experienced.

“Since using Wurl, we’ve increased our monthly revenues on various OTT platforms by over 30%,” said Andrew Eisbrouch, COO & General Counsel at Law & Crime Network. “With CTV engagement rising rapidly over the last couple of months, it’s more important than ever to have a partner like Wurl that can monetize our unfilled inventory effectively with no additional fees.”

“Since we’ve started using AdPool, we’ve seen fill rates increase significantly, even during these unprecedented times with COVID,” said Greg Kampanis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Omnia Media. “Our OTT AVOD revenue on our popular animation brand, Arcade Cloud, has increased by 25%, thanks to Wurl and its seamless integration of its AdPool service.” 

AdPool can serve as the primary ad sales channel for premium CTV video publishers or can complement their existing advertising sales programs while reducing unsold inventory. Wurl’s unique combination of over-the-top (OTT) technology services and monetization expertise allows AdPool to aggregate, contextualize and deliver inventory at volume to demand sources. Additionally, AdPool provides end-to-end management of ad operations, technical support and payments to video publishers. CTV platforms and video publishers already on the Wurl Network can leverage AdPool at no additional cost.

“As growth on the Wurl Network continues to accelerate – already connecting video producers and publishers with more than 200 million CTV viewers around the world – we continue to pioneer new areas of innovation to help our partners grow their incremental revenue,” said Yuval Fisher, Sr. Vice President, Technology at Wurl. “The reality is that fill rates are not 100% – there’s left over inventory that can and should be monetized. AdPool makes that supply available at configurable floor CPMs without devaluing inventory or competing with the inventory owner, and that capability is clearly resonating with our customers.”

To learn more about the AdPool service, visit: https://www.wurl.com/products/adpool/

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Wurl, the leading provider of streaming video distribution and advertising services for connected TV (CTV), operates the market-leading Wurl Network — interconnecting the world’s top video producers with the world’s biggest video services. Wurl makes it effortless for video producers to build and track global distribution for branded linear channels, live events and on-demand programming, and to manage and monetize their ad inventory. Wurl is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit wurl.com.

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