Just announced: ContentDiscovery brings performance marketing to CTV

Meet ContentDiscovery: Your Solution to Attract, Engage, and Retain Viewers at Massive Scale

Ron Gutman - May 15th 2023

With the world’s TV viewing moving to streaming, the growth opportunity for streamers and content publishers has never been greater. Last year, streaming viewing surpassed that of cable for the first time ever in the United States, while the number of adults accessing streaming video platforms continues to outpace those with a cable or satellite service.

As in every industry, with opportunity comes challenges. An unprecedented number of streaming apps, more premium content entering the market, and rising subscription fatigue have all contributed to heightened competition for viewing. This hyper-competitive streaming market has made it incredibly difficult for streamers and publishers to not only acquire new viewers, but also retain and increase engagement among those users.

At Wurl, such challenges are what drive us to continually innovate to provide solutions that will help you connect with your audiences and deliver content viewers will love. That’s why today, we’re excited to introduce ContentDiscovery – our newest solution for streamers and publishers to attract, engage, and retain viewers at massive scale.

What is ContentDiscovery?

ContentDiscovery is a machine learning-powered advertising platform for streamers and content publishers to acquire viewers and scale profitably across channels.

Like the performance-based marketing solutions that revolutionized customer acquisition first for the web and then for mobile apps, Wurl is bringing data-driven targeting and measurement to streaming advertising for the first time with ContentDiscovery.

How does it work?

Wurl’s position as a technology operator provides us with unique access to data that powers our machine-learning engine, which discovers data trends in viewer interest without bias or priority.

ContentDiscovery then targets high-value viewers and promotes content they will want to watch. This improves advertising outcomes by driving stronger conversion rates, higher engagement, and better retention – resulting in ROI never before seen on CTV. All campaigns are 100% measurable, allowing you to track success immediately to see your ROAS and down-funnel metric performance.

With ContentDiscovery, streamers and content publishers can:

  • Target effectively, without demographic guesswork – Wurl’s machine learning technology works to identify high-value users that are likely to have an affinity for a particular show.
  • Scale profitably with campaigns optimized for yield or down-funnel events – ContentDiscovery automatically adjusts campaign specifics, such as campaign types or bids, to achieve ROAS goals with increasing efficiency.
  • Automatically tune messages and creative for optimal impact – You can test specific ad concepts on individual audiences across various devices. ContentDiscovery is also the first platform in the industry to provide measurable creative impact with Creative CPA reporting that allows you to see how effective each creative asset is in driving key KPIs, and continually optimize your campaigns.
  • Gain access to a massive audience through one platform – ContentDiscovery helps you connect people to your content at scale with the ability to advertise across massive mobile supply and more than 3,000 CTV channels.

ContentDiscovery is available now in North America, and launching soon in Europe. Find out more by visiting our site or get in touch with one of our team members today.