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HVOD (Hybrid Video On Demand)

Learn how a Hybrid Video On Demand (HVOD) distribution model enables streamers to reduce subscription fees and still maintain revenue growth through ads.

What is HVOD?

Hybrid Video on Demand, often abbreviated as HVOD, is a streaming distribution model that offers viewers the flexibility to access video content with some ads for a reduced monthly subscription fee. Ads are integrated before, during, or after the video playback, enabling content providers to augment lower subscription rates with added advertising revenue, or pay-per-view fees.

The hybrid monetization model has enabled streamers to maintain audiences despite economic uncertainty. A survey found that price is the key reason for consumers to sign up for a streaming service, outpacing original programming. 

What are examples of HVOD platforms?

SVOD services like Disney+ and Netflix have maintained revenue growth and retained subscribers by expanding their services to AVOD. Some streamers, like Amazon or Disney+, offer premium content for subscribers as well as pay-per-view TV shows and movies.Although most customers maintain ad-free plans, the availability of a cheaper alternative is appealing to some viewers. Streaming platforms such as HBO Max, Paramount+, and Hulu made the switch to offering both ad-supported and ad-free content that viewers see as a good value for the money.

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