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Addressing Streaming’s Top Challenge: Discoverability

The streaming industry is on the rise. Well-established media providers and digital-first content studios agree streaming premium video is the future. This realization has triggered a frenzy of investment in original content, with over $26 billion in spending projected for 2023 alone on every conceivable genre of television and film.

Yet, having great content doesn’t always equate to success in today’s crowded streaming market. While more choices are seemingly better for viewers, this outsized level of shows and programs has led to a “paradox of choice.” Viewers are overwhelmed by the amount of content fragmented across multiple streaming services and channels, making it nearly impossible for them to discover and find things they want to watch.

On the other hand, for streamers and publishers, more content options on the market mean heftier amounts of marketing and promotional spending required to get noticed. These services must drive exposure of their premium video content to a specific, highly-targeted group of potential users who are likely to convert to loyal viewers – cost-effectively and at massive scale.

ContentDiscovery – Wurl’s advertising platform for streamers and content publishers to attract, engage, and retain viewers at scale – aims to address the most urgent challenges of today’s streaming market. Leveraging AI, ContentDiscovery fosters a virtuous cycle in which high-value viewers are introduced to content they’ll want to watch, and streamers and publishers in turn achieve stronger engagement and retention than ever before.

Read more about how a modern approach to discoverability can drive new value for streamers and content publishers in our latest white paper in partnership with VideoNuze and nScreenMedia.

Want to take a deeper dive? Check out our CEO, Ron Gutman, in conversation with Will Richmond, editor and publisher at VideoNuze about ContentDiscovery and the key industry challenges it aims to address.

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