Hello viewers.
Goodbye churn.

Wurl Perform:

A revolutionary new
performance marketing
service for Streamers.

How It Works

Wurl Perform enables Streamers to run promotional advertising campaigns to attract new viewers and retain existing customers.

The world’s first and only
machine-learning powered
performance marketing
solution for CTV.

Data-Driven Micro-Targeting

Wurl Perform uses machine learning based on hundreds of millions of TV viewers to precisely identify those with a high-ranked interest in promoted content.

Measurable ROAS

Not only is Wurl Perform highly effective, but every campaign impression and conversion is measured, allowing Streamers to accurately track ROAS (return on ad spending).

This changes everything.

For decades, traditional TV networks have delivered 15 - and 30-second promotional campaigns to increase viewership. But these campaigns can’t be targeted or measured accurately for each viewer. Wurl Perform changes everything because now Streamers can leverage machine learning to individually target promotional campaigns and precisely measure results.

The innovative approach of Wurl Perform not only manages the explosive growth in streaming TV but monetizes it as well.

Performance Off The Charts

Channels using Wurl Perform saw conversion rates increase 10x, with an average ROAS of more than 4x.

Conversion Rate