The Wurl effect: increase revenue by +20%.

Wurl's industry-leading advertising services optimize revenue for content companies by streamlining ad insertions, managing inventory and providing highly targeted advertising. All with zero upfront fees and no hidden costs. Ever.

Instant Ad Insertion + Monetization

Instant Ad Insertion +  Monetization

Wurl provides a plug-and-play solution that allows content companies to streamline ad insertions, including mid-roll ads, on linear, live and VOD programming for distribution to any video service, on any device. Reach is extended to over 300 million connected TVs, all without the hassle of costly and time-consuming integration.

Optimize Performance. Maximize Revenue.

Optimize Performance. Maximize Revenue.

Wurl AdPool is a free service that allows content companies to effortlessly increase fill rates, CPMs and revenue, while also providing web-based granular measurement and reporting. We manage all end-to-end operations of Wurl AdPool, including ad ops, tech support and payments to content companies.

Monetize On- And Off-Network Inventory

Wurl AdPool Premium is the easy way for Content Companies to monetize on- and off-network ad inventory. By tapping into Wurl AdPool Premium, content companies gain access to direct deals and unique differentiated demand opportunities.