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Wurl Strikes Strategic Partnership with Rakuten TV

PALO ALTO, Calif. – June 21, 2021 – Streaming video distribution and advertising services specialist Wurl has entered into a strategic partnership with VoD platform Rakuten TV to deliver live streaming channels, as well as monetisation services to Rakuten TV and via Rakuten TV’s channel app available on Samsung TV Plus in Europe. The deal marks a significant expansion into the EU by Wurl.

Wurl has delivered 241 feeds supporting more than 50 different channel brands on Rakuten TV and Samsung TV Plus across 42 European countries, including Rakuten TV licensed channels going to TV Plus. Wurl is providing the content company and streaming service with video asset delivery and monetisation services from its AdPool platform, which reinforces the scale of the opportunities offered by Rakuten Advertising.

“As Rakuten TV continues its expansion across Europe, having a strategic partner like Wurl is essential,” asserts Jacinto Roca, CEO and Founder at Rakuten TV. “In just a matter of a few months, we were able to launch services like CNN International, Euronews, Bloomberg TV, Fashion TV, and our own curated channels for popular genres like action, drama, and local film.”

“Our comprehensive strategic partnership with Rakuten TV is a great example of the full value of the Wurl Network,” adds Sean Doherty, CEO, Wurl. “We were able to launch a record number of channels in a very short period of time and start monetising these services from day one. This deal is also an indication of our dedication to the European market. We anticipate streaming will dominate EU television viewing by 2023 and we are well-positioned to be a crucial and reliable part of that ecosystem.”

In addition to Rakuten, Wurl is working with Samsung TV+ and LG to launch other European channel brands.