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Wurl Revenue Up 38% in Q2 ‘21

More Content, Viewers, Viewing Time and Ad Impressions Lift Wurl Revenue to 3x That for the Same Period Last Year

PALO ALTO, Calif. – August 19, 2021  With the wave of Connected TV (CTV) and Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) channels and platforms growing larger every quarter,  Wurl, the world leader in powering streaming TV, is reporting a 38% increase in revenue in Q2 ’21 over Q1 ’21. All key areas driving its business – content, viewers, viewing time and ad impressions – rose significantly, enabling Wurl revenue to grow threefold over Q2 ’20.

In Q2, Wurl launched over 274 new FAST channels; a new milestone for the company. Nearly 1,200 channels are now being distributed to CTV and FAST platforms around the world.

“New channel launches are the main reason for our overall growth; attracting new viewers, driving up hours of viewing and attracting more advertisers,” said Sean Doherty, CEO, Wurl. “Most channel launches came from our top 50 customers, who are building on their initial success and are expanding globally. They know we have a proven track record of deploying quickly to accelerate the revenue generating potential of their content.”

 With more channels and viewers, ad inventory has also increased, attracting more advertisers and increasing overall fill rates. Wurl’s AdSpring™ service manages the routing of billions of ad requests, targeting, insertion and measurement. AdSpring impressions rose 43% in Q2 ’21 compared to Q1 ’21.

During Q2, Wurl also expanded the number of CTV and FAST platforms it works with by developing custom “connectors” that support a myriad of unique specifications, including proprietary live video streaming formats, advertising tech and more. Numerous streaming platforms began integrations with the Wurl network in Q2, including Xiaomi, Zeasn, and Tubi.

“The Wurl Network provides connectivity for any content company or streaming application to become part of the global television backbone that we’ve created,” continued Doherty. “Since our launch in 2017, we’ve been adding new services that run on the Wurl Network and make our network more useful and valuable for everyone. We have much more in store for this year so watch this space.”