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Wurl Announces Wurl Perform™ – Revolutionary New Performance Marketing Service for Streamers

Wurl Perform Incorporates Machine Learning for Enhanced Viewer Acquisition 

PALO ALTO, Calif. – September 22, 2021 Wurl, the world leader in powering streaming TV, has unveiled Wurl Perform, a revolutionary new performance marketing service that enables streaming TV apps to acquire new viewers and reduce churn via highly targeted promotional campaigns. With Wurl Perform, every campaign impression and conversion is measured, which provides Streamers trackable ROAS (return on ad spend).  

“As the world’s TV viewing shifts to streaming, streamers need effective ways to acquire new viewers and keep existing viewers engaged,” said Sean Doherty, Jr., COO of Wurl. “But without the ability to measure the performance of promotional campaigns, streamers are likely to waste money. Wurl Perform was designed to address this challenge. Like the performance-based marketing services that revolutionized customer acquisition on mobile apps and the web, Wurl is bringing data-driven targeting and measurement to customer acquisition on television for the first time.”

Wurl Perform’s data-driven targeting begins by analyzing the content interests of hundreds of millions of TV viewers. Machine learning and predictive algorithms are then used to deliver promo ads to only those viewers determined to have a high-ranked interest in the promoted content. Most importantly, Wurl measures the results of every Perform promo ad to identify which viewers were converted to watch the promoted content. 

Wurl Perform  began a beta test in May 2021 with 25 FAST streamers including Bloomberg Quicktake, Stories by AMC, Cheddar News, Gravitas Movies, DangerTV and others running Perform campaigns to acquire new viewers. .  The Perform beta participants’ campaigns delivered individually   targeted promos to millions of viewers who were predicted to have a high potential for conversion by Wurl’s machine learning engine. Conversion was precisely measured for each individual viewer who saw one or more promos.  Based on results of over 4M viewers viewers in North America from May to August 2021, the key findings include:

  • When users became informed of new content, they increased their overall engagement with the streaming platform, including watching a greater variety of content and increasing their hours of viewing. 
  • Measured across all promo viewers, the conversion rate was approximately 4%. When Perform targeted viewers who were ranked as very highly likely to convert, conversion rates were close to 20%.
  • Overall viewer engagement with the platform increased significantly for viewers who watched promos. There was an approximately 20% uplift in the daily average viewing from promo viewers.

“Wurl Perform is the world’s first and only performance-based marketing service for TV,” continued Doherty. “Wurl processes over 120TB of data daily related to viewing activity on streaming apps, allowing for targeting precision that has previously only been available on mobile apps and the web.  During our beta, Wurl Perform produced outstanding results for the 25 companies that used the service. Our beta customers saw conversion rates increase 10x, with an average return on ad spend of more than 4x, and as much as 20x for some participants.”


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