Brands, Audiences, Inventory, Demand. All Connected.

Wurl is the industry leader in connecting brands to audiences across Connected TV. And here, Wurl offers a clear advertising advantage: access to top content and the most engaged CTV viewers across multiple audiences, including the ability to target hard-to-reach audiences.

Wurl AdPool offers
high viewability among
millennial viewers with a 97% completion rate.

Wurl AdPool: Opening the door to premium inventory.

With over 1000 channels, Wurl is providing the streaming industry’s top content to more than 250 million connected devices. Wurl AdPool enables advertisers to connect with one of the largest, most engaged audiences available, reachable via over 500 million 30-second ad avails across multiple CTV platforms every month. All Wurl AdPool inventory is addressable and measurable, as well as curated, pre-scheduled and brand-safe.

Wurl DemandPool: Monetization For On- And Off-Network Inventory.

Wurl DemandPool: Monetization For On- And Off-Network Inventory.

By tapping into the top-tier demand of the world’s leading TV distribution network, Wurl DemandPool enables content companies to maximize ad inventory monetization, whether on the Wurl Network or off. All with complete control within every content provider’s waterfall.