Wurl Services


Wurl Services includes both the Wurl Platform Services and Wurl Broadcast Services.

1. The Wurl Platform provides a set of cloud-based services for the creation and management of linear TV channels including On-Boarding, Program Scheduling and Ad Scheduling. The Wurl Platform is used by video producers to manage their video assets and metadata and to create ad-supported linear TV channels that included both pre-recorded and live programming. Video producers use the Wurl Platform for workflows including:

  • On-boarding – ingest and transcode videos, normalize metadata, integrate live streams, prepare Video Service specific graphics.

  • Show Origination – assembling videos, interstitials and promos into individual show episodes.

  • Program Scheduling – defining the day and date “airing” of Shows on linear TV channels that may include pre-recorded programming or live streams.

  • Ad Scheduling – defining the timing and duration of advertising within a Channel Lineup Schedule.

  • Graphical Asset Management – Storage and retrieval of graphical assets used in guides, interstitials, promos and other discovery experiences on target video services.

  • Video producers may use the Wurl Platform to create and manage an unlimited number of channels.

2. Wurl Broadcast Services includes services for the realtime distribution of video & advertising to Video Services listed on the Video Services Schedule. Wurl Broadcast Services include:

  • Internet-based broadcast services to distribute scheduled linear channels, live broadcasts, VOD services, and playlists to Video Services.

  • Advertising-related services including live insertion of ad markers, ad triggering and services to ensure the delivery of dynamically inserted advertising.

  • Creation and distribution of channel lineup schedule metadata to Gracenote, TiVo/Rovi and similar services.

  • 24×7 delivery and monitoring of each channel delivered to each Video Service.


version: 1.0