Wurl Launches The World’s First Streaming Cable TV Network

JULY 25, 2016

The Independent Show, Orlando, FL, July 25, 2016 ― Wurl Inc., the pioneer of streaming video services for pay TV operators, today announced the launch of the Wurl Network, the world’s first streaming cable TV network.

The Wurl Network provides five new channels of 24⁄7 programming, featuring shows produced by leading digital and traditional media brands. Wurl’s channels are broadband-delivered through cable TV operators’ Internet-connected set-top boxes and appear in operators’ on-screen guides – just like legacy cable channels.

For the first time, TV viewers have access to programming from some of the world’s top online studios – programming that was previously limited to distribution through computers and mobile devices. Wurl’s current channel line-up, which includes The Alt Channel, Streaming News Network, The Sports Feed, Baeble Music TV and the Popcornflix Channel, has been integrated with pay TV systems in use by over 50 operators serving +13 million homes.

Wurl’s TV channels provide viewing flexibility that has never before been integrated with any cable channel. Viewers can fast-forward and rewind any show, “binge view” multiple episodes, and watch any program on-demand at any time.

“We’re helping cable operators do two things — deliver new programming and create a new cable channel experience that offers deep engagement,” said Sean Doherty, Wurl CEO and co-founder. “In an entertainment environment where viewers demand control and choice, Wurl provides cable operators with new channels that deliver the programming and the on-demand experience that viewers want.”

“We are excited to be offering Wurl’s channels to our subscribers,” said Loren King, Product Manager at Fidelity Communications, a multi-system cable operator based in Missouri. “We now have a new source of programming and new interactive viewing features that will give us a competitive edge.”

“As a digital-first programmer, creating the Baeble Music TV channel on the Wurl Network is the best of all worlds” said David Moffly, CEO of Baeble Music. “We’re getting the enormous reach and familiar experience of TV combined with the deep engagement of streaming apps. We started Baeble ten years ago for this exact moment in time.”

“We started our media business in digital, but TV is absolutely a place we want to be,” said Raymond Attipa, CEO of Obsev Studios, an original video brand focused on food, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. “We’re really excited to have our shows on the Wurl Network, because it gives us the opportunity to reach a broader audience in a way that makes a lot of sense for our brand and our business.”

The Wurl Network is providing cable operators with new streaming cable channels to add to their product offerings. Wurl’s channels are certified for use in program guides running on all leading Internet-connected cable-TV set-top boxes, including those already in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. No new equipment is required. Wurl is ad-supported, allowing for high-CPM, individually targeted ads and providing new streams of revenue to cable operators and video producers. There are no affiliate fees or upfront costs for cable operators to carry any channels offered through the Wurl Network.

Wurl’s TV Channel Line-Up

  • Streaming News Network – 24-hour news covering domestic and international news, politics, sports, entertainment, business and tech. Streaming News Network brings together content from many of the world’s top digital news producers.
  • The Sports Feed – Wurl’s 24-hour sports news, covering teams, players and scores in all major sports from around the world.
  • The ALT Channel – Millennial-targeted programming covering a wide range of topics and interests from leading digital media producers.
  • Baeble Music TV – The inside scoop on band, artists and music. Exclusive Concerts, Sessions and Interviews give you a front row seat to some of the best music and bands of today. Mumford & Sons, Bloc Party, Chvrches and hundreds more.
  • Popcornflix – a 24-hour movie channel, produced in partnership with Screen Media, the largest independent distributor of motion pictures to the TV industry. Popcornflix features popular movies for all age groups, from major studios and independent producers, covering all genres including family, kids, comedy, horror and documentary.

Wurl is based in Palo Alto, CA. For more information about channels and availability, please visit www.wurl.com.