Wurl and Crunchyroll Drum Up Excitement in Advance of Third Annual Anime Awards

By Lisa Bergamo

In advance of the Third Annual Anime Awards on Feb. 16, we’re excited to share that we’re powering some of the top anime titles via an ongoing marathon on Twitch (Crunchyroll’s streaming partner for the event).

The Anime Awards celebrate the best and brightest in Japanese animation with categories honoring all your favorite series, characters, moments and more from anime in 2018.

The marathon kicked off last Sunday in the U.S. and has highlighted the following series:

  • Sunday, February 10 – Golden Kamuy: Ep. 1-12
  • Monday, February 11 – Golden Kamuy: Ep. 13-24
  • Tuesday, February 12 – Laid-Back Camp: Ep. 1-12
  • Wednesday, February 13 – Planet With: Ep. 1-12
  • Thursday, February 14 – Zombie Land Saga: Ep. 1-12
  • Friday, February 15 – Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion: Ep. 1-12

Wurl is excited to add Ellation (home of Crunchyroll) to the growing Wurl Network! Tune into the Anime Awards on Saturday, February 16 at 6pm PT.