Wurl Video Services

Wurl supports or has targeted a date to support the Video Services listed below. Wurl will provide support for other Video Services at customer request based on established distribution opportunities.

If you’re a Wurl customer, place a Connector Order here to deliver your channel to any of these video services.

Video ServicesStatusMonthly Fee Per ChannelHeadend Transport 1CDN 2
Twitch (Linear)Launched$1500N/AN/A
Sling TV (Linear + VOD)Launched$1500cost+10%3N/A
Dish (Linear + VOD)Launched$1500cost+10%N/A
Roku (VOD)Launched$500N/Acost+10%
tvPlayer (Linear)Launched$1000N/Acost+10%
Xumo (VOD)Launched$500N/Acost+10%
3rd Party Website (Linear)Launched$1000N/Acost+10%
3rd Party Website (VOD)Launched$500N/Acost+10%
O&O Website (Linear)Launched$500N/Acost+10%
O&O Website (VOD)Launched$500N/Acost+10%
OTT App (Linear) for each AppleTV, FireTV, iOS, Android app, etc.Launched$200 - $10004N/Acost+10%
OTT App (VOD) for each AppleTV, FireTV, iOS, Android app, etc.Launched$500N/Acost+10%
7TV - Prosieben (Germany)Q2 2018$500N/Acost+10%
Roku (Linear)Q2 2018$1000N/Acost+10%
Samsung TV PlusQ3 2018$1000N/Acost+10%
Xumo (Linear)Q3 2018$1000N/Acost+10%
YouTube TVQ3 2018$1500cost+10%N/A
CharterQ3 2018TBDTBDTBD
Amazon ChannelsQ3 2018TBDTBDTBD
Playstation VueQ4 2018TBDTBDTBD
Verizon BundleQ4 2018TBDTBDTBD


1 Headend Transport – Some streaming services require the use of proprietary transport services for the delivery of TV channels to the streaming service’s headend. For example, Sling TV currently requires the use of the Zixi transport service for the delivery of channels to the Echostar data center. Wurl contracts for these transport services and bills for them at cost + 10%. Upon receipt of a new Connector Order, Wurl will provide an estimate of related Headend Transport services.

2 CDN – In some cases, Wurl is required to provide CDN services for the delivery of programming directly to consumer devices. For example, TV Player and Roku delivery uses Wurl’s CDN. Wurl re-bills its customers (video producers) for CDN services at cost + 10%.

3 Video Producers who contract for both the Sling TV and Dish Connectors will only be charged a single Headend Transport charge.

4 For multiple HLS streams that are exactly the same:

  • 1st stream: $1,000
  • 2-5: +$250 each
  • 5 plus: +$200 each

5 Prices and availability subject to change


version: 1.1 - April 2018