Testimonio de clientele fantastico

By Justin Liszanckie

We asked one of our customers – Lucha Libre – for a quote for the new Wurl website.  Lucha Libre is the premiere professional wrestling organization in Mexico. Instead of a quote, they sent us something much more awesome.

Translation: “How’s it going Wurl Friends? This is the Son of the Phantom. Champion of Chocolate. The ideal body of Lucha Libre, Latin American Champion, Lone Wolf, and King of Ohh La La!  I want to thank you because you let the world see the delight of the Son of the Phantom. Ooh LaLa!”

Watch it below…

And be sure to checkout Lucha Libre’s Twitch channel at http://twitch.tv/Luchalibreaaa (powered by Wurl).

It’s nice to have passionate customers!