Manage All Your Monetization in One Place

Wurl lets video services monetize content at scale while delivering a seamless, quality viewing experience.  


Maximize Monetization with AdSpring

Our innovative AdSpring platform enables Server-Side Dynamic Ad Insertion (ssDAI) for all your producers, not just the ones who originate with Wurl.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

AdSpring works with any ADS, CDN, or Ad Network and abides by the business terms and inventory splits you negotiate.

Automatic Ad Insertion

Streams delivered from your producers through Wurl AdSpring automatically include ad markers that conform to your exact specifications, generating the best possible fill rates at the best possible price.

AdSpring Benefits for Video Services

Optimize Revenue

AdSpring makes it easy to increase your available inventory through mid-roll ads and animated overlays

Increase Scale and Reach

Sell and manage your inventory as a single pool, using a single ADS to manage campaigns across all your producers. AdSpring grows with you!

Make it Personal

Individual targeting means more relevant ads for viewers and higher CPMs for video services.

Surpass KPIs

Bring the granular measurement of ad impressions on the web to the scale of your entire service.

Ensure TV Quality

Our frame-accurate ad insertion method results in smooth, uninterrupted streams with no buffering or latency. To viewers, it looks just like great TV!

At Your Service: Our World-Class Operations and Monetization Team

In addition to robust operations services that take the complexity out of ad insertion and split payments, our 24/7 support team will ensure that you have a strategy in place to make the most money possible from your programming.