Onboard New Studio Partners Faster and More Affordably

Leading video services  use Wurl to expand their channel lineups with popular programming from top producers, such as Jukin Media, Stadium, MGM, OutsideTV, Cinedigm, and many more.


Fact—Not Friction

Before Wurl came along, technical obstacles and costs made onboarding new producers extremely time consuming and expensive. But now, once a Wurl Connector has been built for a particular video service, new studio partners can be quickly onboarded without the need for additional engineering.

Wurl Ensures a Perfect Launch Every Time

Onboarding new studio partners requires efficient day-to-day coordination and communication among all parties. Our proven planning process and U.S.-based content operations team keep everyone on track to a successful launch in a fraction of the time.

Complete Flexibility

Onboard new linear channels, live programming, VOD content, and more.

Metadata Management

Wurl creates and distributes your channel lineup metadata to Gracenote, TiVo/Rovi, and similar services, and monitors every channel 24/7.