Scale Up Your Distribution Without Disruption

Get your content in front of billions of people worldwide. Wurl is the easiest way possible to get distribution at scale.


Simplify the Way You Connect to Any Video Service

Connecting to the right video services is key to building an audience of raving fans. Wurl technology eliminates the expensive backend work that has prevented producers from accessing valuable distribution channels.

Wurl Connectors Do the Work for You

Wurl Connectors open up a world of distribution options while handling every technical complexity. Our breakthrough technology optimizes your programming, advertising, and other assets and delivers a broadcast ready stream to any video service.

Eliminate Engineering Expenses

Engineering costs for creating and maintaining a single video service connection typically range from $100,000 – $500,000 per year. Wurl builds and maintains these connections for you without any expensive engineering work on your part.

Get Support When You Need It

Wurl Connectors include 24/7 support for streaming delivery and ad insertion, plus proactive monitoring and support for live and pre-recorded programming.

Wurl’s Content Operations Team Ensures a Perfect Launch Every Time

Effective distribution requires efficient day-to-day coordination and communication among all parties. Our proven planning process and U.S.-based content operations team keep everyone on track to a successful launch.

One-Stop Distribution

Manage all your programming on the Wurl Network and deliver it to any video service, without worrying about different specifications or unique ad insertion requirements.

Plug & Play Convenience

Leverage the infrastructure and services you already have (CDNs, Linear Streams, Live Streams, ADS) or let Wurl be your end-to-end programming and playout partner.

No-Brainer Pricing

Affordable 30-day commitments make trying out new distribution partners easy, without prohibitive infrastructure and startup costs.

Wurl Connectors make it easy to launch new channels on any video service:
  • Linear Streams
  • EPG Schedule Data
  • VOD Catalogs
  • Ad Integration
  • Master Catalog Feeds