Employee Spotlight: Team TAM

By Catlin Walker

The stellar members of Team Wurl are what give us our reputation for superior service and support. If you’re interested in getting to the know the people who are here for our Wurl Network partners each and every day, read on. And check back soon for the next employee spotlight.

Once a studio decides to launch a channel on CTV, there is an overwhelming amount of preparations and decisions that need to be made before “airtime.” Wurl is unique in that we offer personalized, hands-on expertise to not only enable our studio partners to get started quickly and easily, but we deliver continual and consistent support to help every studio achieve the most viewership and highest monetization possible. That is the role of our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) and Wurl is very fortunate to have Amalia Garcia and Tim Coyne as part of Team TAM.

Meet Amalia

With Wurl since November 2018, Amalia is a veteran Wurl TAM. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she is responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers by providing technical guidance and advice to our video producer partners on how best to grow their business, maximize revenues and ensure their viewers have a satisfying experience. Prior to joining Wurl, Amalia worked as a Content Operations Technician at Vessel, which was later acquired by Verizon. 

Amaila’s favorite part about working at Wurl is being able to quickly make innovative changes based on her customer’s feedback, which is highly encouraged at Wurl. She also enjoys participating in the fast pace of the constantly growing OTT/CTV business.  

Amalia Garcia

When not working, Amalia enjoys hiking.

“I like finding local hiking trails to take a breather. There are so many local hikes in the East Bay. I have been on less than 10% of the trails so far.”

And a little-known fact about Amalia – she played for the UC Berkeley Women’s Rugby team.  Ask her about this crazy and somewhat confusing sport the next time you talk to her.

Meet Tim

Working from our Los Angeles office, Tim joined Wurl about nine months ago, but has worked as part of a technical support team in the OTT/TVE industry for over eight years. Once a video producer signs on to join the Wurl Network, Tim becomes their single point of contact, guiding them every step of the way on their CTV journey.

Tim loves the fast-paced environment at Wurl, and acknowledges that most of the product improvements come from our customers.

Tim Coyne

“This train is moving fast. We are in a constant state of evolution and improvement, which means that every day is filled with passion and urgency. To be that person who can share our customer insights and requests, gives me a personal sense of satisfaction.”

Outside of Wurl, Tim’s interests include music, coding, foreign languages, and photography – once even taking Mick Jagger’s passport photo. Don’t forget to ask him how this came about.

Amalia and Tim are two premium reasons that Wurl can go that extra mile to help our Wurl Network partners successfully navigate the CTV world.