Employee Spotlight: COPs Team

By Catlin Walker

The stellar members of Team Wurl are what give us our reputation for superior service and support. If you’re interested in getting to the know the people who are here for our Wurl Network partners each and every day, read on. And check back soon for the next employee spotlight.

Once our video producer partners make the decision to launch their content onto a video service operator platform, they immediately get a call from the COPs…Wurl’s Channel Operations Team that is.  

Wurl’s COPs team manages the lifecycle of every Wurl channel – from onboarding through launch day – providing our partners with the guidance and expertise needed to ensure a smooth launch on video service platforms worldwide. Although it’s hardly a dangerous job, Wurl has three seasoned veterans manning the force, spearheaded by their capable leader, Amanda Fell. The ranks include David HerzogMatthew Smith and Paul Smith.

Meet David

David makes his home in the San Francisco Bay area and has been on duty with Wurl just over two years. Prior to Wurl, he worked in the sports radio industry. As the father of two small boys, David enjoys trips to the park, playing ball and having “spontaneous dance parties.”

David’s favorite thing about working at Wurl is its innovation. 

David Herzog

“I am part of a company that is at the forefront of the shift in TV technology. I enjoy helping video producers of every size succeed.”

When not working, David considers himself a bit of a foodie. He emphasizes: “I take lunch very seriously. Before we had to begin working remotely due to COVID-19, I was known to have a sixth sense of detecting when the taco truck would be arriving at our office.”

Meet Matthew

Matthew was previously at Sony Interactive as part of their programming and commerce operations team for the PlayStation Vue service. He currently resides in the Bay Area and has been with Wurl for over six months.

Matthew Smith

“My favorite part of working at Wurl is the great opportunity it provides for collaboration. Working with our customers to overcome challenges presented by the rapidly-evolving CTV landscape makes my role within Wurl an exciting and fulfilling endeavor.”

Outside of work, Matthew enjoys playing golf, watching movies and rooting for the Golden State Warriors; and after his big win in a 50-person Mario Kart tournament, he welcomes all challengers!

Meet Paul

Paul is a creator at heart and enjoys the unique position working at Wurl provides him. 

Paul Smith

“Watching the variety of programming being generated, I feel connected to the passion and creativity in the content behind the daily lineups. I love that I get to play a role in sharing those stories with the world.”

Prior to joining Wurl over two and a half years ago, Paul was a freelancer in the entertainment industry doing a “little bit of everything” including editing web-based series airing on YouTube, as well as creative work for History and the Discovery Channel. 

Residing in Culver City affords Paul to fill his non-work hours with surfing, skating, snowboarding and disc golf, and he is always looking for “the next great story to tell,” including the one about how he just retired his high school car – a ’94 Geo Prizm – which he drove for 268,212 miles!

Wurl’s outstanding COPs team is helping video producers onboard more and more channels each month, always putting in the extra effort to help our Wurl Network partners get streaming and generating revenue quickly and easily.