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TV Channels For Digital Studios

Linearize your programming with the Wurl Channels Platform

For decades, television has been dominated by broadcast and cable networks. Not any more. New “Internet Channels” are now available on cable TV and streaming services – allowing digital studios to grab some of TV’s enormous reach.

Internet TV channels are an enormous new opportunity for digital studios.

Wurl makes it easy and inexpensive for video producers to create their own Internet-delivered linear channels for distri­b­ution on cable TV and streaming services.

Create and distribute your channel.

Wurl’s Channels Platform is an end-to-end solution for video producers:

Easy Onboarding

Just export an MRSS feed from your content management system and our automated systems will handle the rest.

Channels, Lineups, Shows

Through our simple web interface, you can create your channels, manage lineups, and push out new programming in realtime.

Wurl Connectors

Distribute your channel to multiple cable TV and streaming services. Wurl Connectors format and distribute your channel for delivery to the world’s top video services.

Our platform supports distribution to popular video services including

TV’s enormous engagement powered by the Internet.

Internet delivery

Streaming Channels provide realtime programming updates and detailed usage data.

Dynamic ad insertion

Realtime insertion of pre-roll and mid-roll ads

Linear, catch-up or binge

Viewers can channel-surf to scheduled programming or watch any episode of any show at any time.

Advertising or Subscription Models? No Problem.

Our Channels Platform supports your business model: subscription or ad-supported, premium tier or basic. Our AdSpring service provides fully integrated dynamic ad insertion.

Join the growing list of video producers we’re LINEARIZING today!