For Cable Operators

Streaming Channels

A new kind of cable channel for a new generation of cable viewers.

Questions? Read our FAQ

Questions? Read our FAQ

Using broadband delivery to combine the best features of linear and on-demand apps.

Viewers watch what they want, how they want.

Traditional Linear Viewing

Viewers have the option of watching new streaming channels just like cable channels. Scheduled linear playout, 247 lineup.

Interactive On-Demand Viewing

Without leaving a Streaming Channel, viewers easily transition to on-demand viewing. With just one click, viewers discover more shows, browse other episodes and sample related videos.


Operators earn incre­mental revenue from targeted ads. DAI drives high CPMs.

Broadband-delivered. Next-gen cable channels.

Old Cable Channels

Last-gener­ation STBs
High CapEx
Dedicated spectrum
Affiliate fees

New Cable Channels

Internet-connected STBs
On-demand + linear playout
New ad revenue

Fatten up skinny bundles.

We’ll create a bundle of streaming channels to match your needs.

Because Streaming Channels have no affiliate fees, there’s no impact on your bundle price.

Talk to us about deployment options for MVPD set-tops & other devices.

Native Player

Our new embedded player is super-fast and occupies only a tiny memory footprint. Includes rich graphics and UI animation. Designed for use on low-powered devices like cable STBs. No browser required.

(Coming in June 2016)

HTML Player

Integrate our HTML-based player with your platform. Complete playback controls and streaming guide interface. Designed for use on low-powered STBs and other devices with spatial nav. Customizable.

Metadata API

It’s easy to add our schedule metadata to your guide. We publish in formats like Gracenote/TMS or Rovi.

Player API

Build your own player using our API. Delivers complete program metadata and video assets.