Image Requirements for Video Producers

Include your branding with your video programming. Provide Wurl with two versions of your logo as described below. Optionally, you can also provide Wurl with custom thumb­nails for each show you distribute. If no show thumb­nails are provided, these images will be generated in-house.

Wurl’s Channels Player promotes video producer logos. We require logos in two formats: (1.) color and (2.) reverse monochrome.

Color Logos

  • Color logo images must be readable against a background that is black or near black semi-trans­parent overlay. (See below left)
  • Color logos may not include gradients.

Reverse Monochrome Logos

  • Reverse logos should be monochrome very light gray: hex value #ebebeb or rgb(235, 235, 235). Absolute white #ffffff is too harsh for lean back viewing.

General Guidelines for Logos

  • Logos will be placed in the UI in small sizes, therefore a logo that visually reads at a small size is best. For instance, © and TM will NOT be visible. Don’t include.
  • Logos will be sized via CSS background-size: contain; rule. This means the logos will be sized to fit within the given container space. In general, a logo with an aspect ratio close to 3.5:2 (width:height) will best fill the space allowed for logos in UI. (See below right)
  • Preferred file formats are: .svg (Scalable Vector Graphic), .ai (Adobe Illustrator) or .eps (Encapsulated Post Script) vector image with trans­parent background. Convert all fonts to outlines first.
  • All text must be readable when logo is reduced to fit in UI (56px x 32px). Minimum text height in UI is 16px/1rem.
  • File dimension require­ments are:
    .svg/.ai/.eps (vector image): since these file formats are scalable vectors, they’re flexible by nature. A file that’s ~350 x ~200px is good.

Examples of Logos Within Parent Containers

Diagram of how logos can fill parent container.

Samples of how logos fit within the User Interface parent container.

Examples of Original Vector Logo Art Size vs. Logo as Placed in UI.

Diagram explaining difference in size between original vector art and as placed in smallest part of UI

Submit your logo close to actual size as above left. Logo must still be readable when reduced to size as above right.

Examples in Channels User Interface:

Screen grab of reverse monochrome logos in UI

Sample of monochrome logos in user interface.

Example of preferred aspect ratio for logos in UI

Sample of web inspector showing logo aspect ratio.

Screen grab of color logos

Sample color logo use in operator’s guide.

Show Thumbnails

Thumbnails are used in three sizes to represent programming on Wurl’s distri­b­ution platforms. If thumnbail artwork isn’t provided, Wurl will generate frames to represent shows:

  • File type: .jpg
  • Thumbnails should be generated in three sizes. File dimen­sions are:

    1. 480 pixels x 270 pixels (16 x 9)
    2. 444 pixels x 333 pixels (4 x 3)
    3. 300 pixels x 300 pixels (square)