Logo Requirements for Cable Operators

When you submit art for the hosted 1Guide reference imple­men­tation UI (Market), these are the technical speci­fi­ca­tions for said art.

Logo Specifications

  • Logo art must be in vector file format, .svg (Scalable Vector Graphic), i.e.: operator_logo.svg. Convert all fonts to outlines first.
  • Logo background color must be trans­parent.
  • Logo must contrast suffi­ciently against dark gray background (hex value: #323232 or RBG value: 50 50 50).
  • Optimal logo aspect ratio is 4:1.
  • Maximum logo display area is 330px (width) x 64px (height).
Sample logo area in menu


Example logo with and without guide­lines that show logo display area:

Without the correct aspect ratio and resolution, your logo will present poorly. You can save a step by ensuring these speci­fi­ca­tions are met before you submit.