Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Video Producers

What’s the “Wurl TV Network”?

It’s a new programming network for pay TV that delivers a growing collection of streaming TV channels through pay TV operators’ guides. Our channels feature programming from the world’s most popular online studios – programming that until now has only been available on computers and mobile devices.

Just like tradi­tional cable networks, our channels appear in pay TV operator guides alongside other cable programming. Unlike tradi­tional cable networks, all of our channels are “Streaming Channels” — delivered via broadband connec­tions through Internet-connected set-top boxes like those that operators have deployed in +50 million U.S. homes (+250 million worldwide).

What’s a “Streaming Channel”?

Streaming Channels are changing what viewers expect from a TV channel. While tradi­tional cable channels offer a 247 schedule with one thing “on” at a time, Streaming Channels combine all the conve­nience of tradi­tional TV channels with amazing flexi­bility of an on-demand streaming app.

Streaming Channels are entirely broadband-delivered. The Streaming Channels available on the Wurl Network are carried on cable TV systems and appear in the on-screen guide just like tradi­tional cable channels. Unlike tradi­tional cable channels, on-demand viewing is integrated into each Streaming Channel. Viewers have one-click access to any show, any episode on-demand.

What Streaming Channels are available on the Wurl TV Network?

We’re adding new Streaming Channels constantly. Some of our channels contain show from dozens of different online studios (“Wurl Channels”). Other Streaming Channels are programmed and branded by Wurl content partners (“Partner Channels”) with their own original shows. As of May 2016, these Streaming Channels are available on the Wurl TV Network:

Wurl Channels

  • Streaming News Network (SNN)247 news programming from top online producers.
  • ALT Channel – Millennial-targeted programming from top YouTube Channels, MCNs, online studios and others.

Co-Produced Channels

  • IGN TV – The ultimate TV channels for gamers. Shows on IGN TV include the latest game reviews, trailers, and walkthroughs from the #1 games media company.
  • Newsy Live TV – Breaking news all day, every day including world news, science news, tech news, political news with Newsy, the leading next gener­ation news service.
  • PopcornFlix from Screen Media247 movie channel from top studios and independent producers.
  • Baeble Music TV – The inside scoop on bands you know and should know. Exclusive Concerts, Sessions and Interviews with new and estab­lished artists. Mumford & Sons, Bloc Party, Chvrches and hundreds more.

How do we attract viewers to our Streaming Channel programming?

Wurl works with operators to drive Streaming Channels viewership. The most effective methods include: 
  • Guide Placement – Operators allocate channels in their on-screen guides for Streaming Channels. This is a very effective way to capture TV viewers searching for “what’s on”.
  • Ad Spots – Operators provide 30-second ad spots on tradi­tional cable channels for the promotion of Streaming Channels. Wurl provides creative.
  • Packaging – Streaming Channels require Internet-connected set tops. These devices are typically the high-end offering for operators – often bundled with whole-home DVR and other features. Streaming Channels become part of operators promo­tional materials to encourage subscribers to upgrade.

What’s the experience for viewers with my video programming?

Wurl’s “Channels Player” is installed on cable operators set-top boxes to provide viewers with playback and discovery of each Streaming Channel. Viewers of your Streaming Channel can watch your programming however they like:

  • Linear Playout — Viewers can watch just like a tradi­tional cable channel with 247 playout of scheduled programming.
  • On-Demand Viewing — The Channels Player provides a simple set of menus for viewers to watch anything they want anytime they want. Viewers can watch any show on-demand, binge view multiple episodes, or browse your entire catalog.
Channels Player Sample
Screen Grab Sample of Channels Player Screen Grab Sample of Channels Player
Streaming Channels are branded with each video producer’s logo and Show name.
Video playback starts immedi­ately when viewers “tune to” any streaming channel with their TV remote.
Viewers use their remote control to access other shows and episodes.

What volume of video production do I need to join the Wurl TV Network?

We’ve got programming options that work for profes­sional video producers of just about any size:

  • Show – Our entry level programming unit is a streaming Show. To distribute a Show, you need to provide at least 15 minutes of fresh video per week. Video durations are flexible — we can piece together your short videos into a Show. We’ll place your Show on one or more channels that have an audience that matches your show’s target demographic & genre.
  • Channel – To have your own branded Streaming Channel, you should produce 8 or more Shows and with 2 hours of new video per week.
  • Network – Large video producers may create their own multi-channel streaming network. Each Channel requires its own branding and a unique programming lineup.

What are the business terms for video producers on the Wurl TV Network?

We are an entirely ad-supported service. Our goal is to create new ad inventory for your video programming.

We don’t have any fixed charges or upfront fees. For most video producers, Wurl provides a complete end-to-end service that is FREE. We host, transcode and distribute all video programming through our CDN directly to pay TV operators at our cost. We provide a complete adver­tising solution including ad management and ad sales. We use “program­matic” methods to deliver targeted adver­tising that maximizes CPMs. Each month, we pay each video producer a signif­icant portion of the ad revenue we collect from the delivery of our programming.

We have alter­native revenue sharing arrange­ments for video producers who prefer to sell their own adver­tising.

If I distribute on the Wurl TV Network, do I still “own” my show? Who has creative control?

We don’t operate like cable or broadcast networks. On our channels, you own your video. You’re in control. You decide what to create, keep it current, build your audience and keep them coming back.

FAQ For Pay TV Operators

What are the technical requirements to carry Wurl’s Streaming Channels?

To receive our programming, pay TV subscribers require an Internet-connected set top box that’s capable of HLS video playback through our CDN. Video playback requires one of:

  • Wurl’s “HTML Channels Player” – an HTML-based player that we’ll customize to work with your set top box embedded browser.
  • Wurl’s “Native Channels Player” – A native binary that we’ll port to your set top box.

Can Streaming Channels be accessed from the EPG like “regular” cable channels?

Yes. We recommend including Streaming Channels as “virtual channels” in your program guide.

Though Streaming Channels are entirely broadband-delivered (no RF, no QAM, no CapEx), they can be included in your guide right alongside tradi­tional cable channels.

Though any Show on a Streaming Channel can be watched at any time on-demand, Wurl provides 247 schedule metadata for for each channel to assist viewer discovery.

Access Streaming Channels Through EPG Access Streaming Channels Through EPG

Is it hard for viewers to learn how to use Streaming Channels?

No, it’s easy. When viewers first select a Streaming Channel, every­thing seems the same as a tradi­tional TV channel — video plays according to a schedule, periodic channel breaks, etc. While watching, viewers have the option to access a simple set of Streaming Channels menus using their remote control.

What are the business terms?

Streaming Channels are entirely ad-supported. Our goal is to provide new programming and new ad inventory through the delivery of streaming video to your pay TV subscribers.

We don’t have any fixed charges or upfront fees. We don’t charge any Affiliate Fees.

Wurl provides a complete end-to-end service that is FREE for operators. We host, transcode and distribute all video programming through our CDN at our cost. We provide a complete adver­tising solution including ad management and ad sales. We use “program­matic” methods to deliver targeted adver­tising that maximizes CPMs. Each month, we pay each pay TV operators a signif­icant portion of the ad revenue we collect related to the ad impres­sions they generate.

How do we find out more?

Email us at info@​wurl.​com and we’ll get you going.