Average Minutes of Viewing (AMOV)

Wurl created the AMOV Index (Average Minutes of Viewing), to track and compare video viewing time by U.S. consumers across a variety of platforms and services. AMOV quantifies the penetration-adjusted usage (minutes of viewing) for each service across all U.S. adults. For adver­tisers, app devel­opers, video programmers and others it’s important to know not just how many people use a device or service, but also how much they use it.

Average Minutes of Viewing per month per U.S. Adult

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Viewing creates value.

When content creators, app devel­opers and adver­tisers think about which video platforms to target, they consider both the minutes of viewing for an average user of the platform and the penetration of the platform in the target market (for example, Netflix believes that it generates 55 hours of viewing per average subscriber per month and that it has about 60 million subscribers).

We’re currently experi­encing rapid changes in the endpoints to which video gets distributed. Market partic­i­pants need to under­stand the oppor­tunity on new platforms and services – connected TVs, retail STBs, pay TV, mobile, etc. As Ted Sarandos commented regarding Netflix’ content licensing strategy: “If I can get an enormous amount of viewing, I’ll pay an enormous amount of money.” (Quoted from “Distribution Revolution”, University of California Press, September 5, 2014).

Note: If you are one of the companies listed in the Wurl AMOV Index and wish to update or correct the data provided here, please email us at amov@​wurl.​com.