Our Story

Since 2010, Wurl has provided online-video programming, metadata and cloud-based services to video service providers on broadband-connected devices including smart­phones, tablets, connected TVs, OTT services, IPTV systems, video CE devices, and desktop/web apps.  Our customers use the Wurl API  to integrate the world’s best online video with their own products — now serving +3 million apps and devices.

Today, the quality and quantity of online video is unprece­dented. At any time, on any device each viewer should be constantly delighted. But we’re not there yet.

Online video discovery still relies on decade old tools like search and browse that are difficult to use on computers and nearly impos­sible on mobile UIs and televi­sions. Viewers have trouble finding something relevant. That’s Wurl’s problem/opportunity.

Our goal is to help video service providers realize the full potential of online video and to build a large and loyal viewer base for their services.